Magento Monthly Maintenance & Customisation


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Our Magento support process is designed to produce results, and make the entire support cycle as easy and painless as possible. Below are the key steps involved in our Magento technical support process.

1. Access to Your Magento Store & Content

In order to provide support, we first request access to your site, including the FTP, SSH, control panel, database as well as other accesses.

3. Troubleshooting / Fixing

We begin the troubleshooting phase by using common log files, troubleshooting protocols and our proprietary Magento checklist, to go through your system and see what’s wrong. A fix may be as simple making sure there is enough RAM available on your hosting server, or as complex as the development of custom workflows to address certain limitations on your web store.

2. Code Review

We then do a detailed code review of your Magento web store so we know what core files have been modified, which extensions are installed, what the issues are and where they lie, so we can tackle the problem head on.

4. Site Review & Testing

Once the issue is resolved, we put your web store through an extensive 30-step QA cycle, which ensures that your Magento storefront will function perfectly for every visitor. This QA cycle includes testing of SSL security, page load times, contact forms and checkout functionality, among other items.

Magento Monthly Maintenance & Customisation

10 Hours Support & Customisation, 20 Hours Support & Customisation, 40 Hours Support & Customisation, 80 Hours Support & Customisation, 160 Hours Support & Customisation


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